Everyone is aware of the corruption prevailing in this country. One of the sectors that is extremely affected by the corruption is the police FIR system where police men refuse to take FIRs as and when they wish to, or they can change the FIR reports whenever they want to.

What it does

eFIRe is an online FIR system where complainants can create FIR reports from their own mobile phone. This application uses blockchain technology to ensure that the data is not tampered with after it is submitted once.

How we built it

On the client side, we have an Android application that the user can use to provide details of the FIR report such as accused name, location of offence, etc. It uses Google Places and Geocode API to detect location of offence and submits the report to the nearest police station.

In the background, using web dashboard, we are trying to built a block chain technology from scratch using Javascript. We are sending every FIR report to a block with properties such as previousHash, currentHash, data, and mining it with a nonce and eventually building a blockchain out of it. To demonstrate the tech, we are building local peers of the blockchain and showing how any change in any peer can result in the change of the final hashCode, that will put an alert into the system.

Challenges we ran into

Building the blockchain technology from scratch took most of our time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that our entire team had no ABC knowledge on blockchain before the beginning of the hack and still we managed to learn it, demonstrate it and build an application using it.

What we learned

Blockchain technologies, Firebase implementation in JS, NodeJS

What's next for eFIRe

We are going to add text analysis of the crime description so that the app detects keywords and suggests chargeable crimes to the complainants who may not be aware of all the crimes listed under section of law.

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