Given the most recent natural disasters over the world this would be a good system to help loved one communicate together without clogging up band width for first responders in the current location.

What it does

The DragonBoard is a model hotspot that allows users within range to join a message board where they can post there conditions as well as see who's in need. This helps free up bandwidth for first responders or set up a network in locations that may have gone down because of the natural disaster.

How I built it

A web page was made and linked up to a node server using express and After having the website ready to go there was a lot of system admin stuff that needed to be done such as: put the git repo on the dragon board, download all the demons required, and configure the wifi to be a mobile hotspot. Once that was all done apache2 needed to be configured to correctly send the content to the user.

Challenges I ran into

  • I struggled to get the modal to correctly work for username input. For time sake I just have it display up top and hide it when not needed.

  • Getting the mobile hot spot configured right took a few hour. The were setting that I could only figure out how to change using the GUI. Now most of the time it correctly start up the mobile hot spot. Some times it takes longer but I believe its due to the OS.

  • Apache was a adventure on its own. I have worked with serving static pages but not when it points to a node server. This was done last so on top of sleep exhaustion, my brain was pretty gone at that point. After about an hour of having cut of debug message it finally clicked I could send the debugs to a file and look at there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Honestly I am glad I got this all working. Ya there are a few bugs but the general idea is there and it was done it about 24! I think its a good idea and if its cheap enough could become a future technology for years to come.

What's next for EFI

There are plenty of minor bugs that need fixed but over all there are many things I want to add.

  • Adding this to a Docker container would cut significant time down on the sysAdmin side of things. It would also prevent major loss if something happens to the file system.

  • Making the nodes talk to each other to extend the range would be very cool too. In theory you could have enough nodes in an area that as the node notice less congestion on the phone network they could send text messages to further relatives.

  • Add more functionality like creating multiple chatroom, send your current location, and maybe a map of people requesting medical assistance so first responders have more information before going in blind.

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