In the world, where everyone is busy with their work comes with a solution now...

What it does

A voice assistant is an automated software application that allows users to interact with and control devices using simple voice commands(Here you can also give task from keyboard) . Voice assistants use the power of natural language toolkit(nltk) , voice recognition technology, and speech synthesis to process commands and complete various tasks and functions.

How I built it

I have coded this whole bot in python with multi-processing,nltk and many more, and for some tasks I have used some json methods.

What I learned

I learned how AI will change our daily life.

Modules which I used:

from threading import * import multiprocessing from typing import Text from playsound import playsound from GoogleNews import GoogleNews from nltk.util import pr from textblob import TextBlob from newspaper import Article import pickle import pyttsx import speech_recognition as sr import datetime import random from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import pyjokes import wikipedia import webbrowser import os import pyautogui import time import json import requests

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