Efficient JS

A JavaScript developer tool for making the web more efficient and less carbon-emitting

The earth is facing a dangerous changing in the global climate. And CO2 contributing to damage it.

Role of the Internet:

When a website is loaded, the energy used is proportional to the amount of data transferred. According to a source WebsiteCarbon, energy is used at the data centre is 48%, telecoms networks data transmitting is 14% and the end user's device is 38%.

Causing Factor:


jQuery is a huge JavaScript library. It helps to create a website in an easier and faster way. Almost every websites use jQuery. Moreover, there are lots of libraries which are also based on jQuery. But there is a big downside of jQuery. It slows down the website. To execute a function, the browser has to download and search through each line of code, which are thousands of lines of codes.

What is the solution

This developer tools which transpiles jQuery code into basic Vanilla JavaScript code for better performance and less carbon emission.

Performance comparison of websites created with jQuery and pure JavaScript

With jQuery Without jQuery
Demo jQuery Demo Vanilla

The overall performances are listed below

With jQuery Without jQuery
Loading: 4ms Loading: 3ms
Scripting: 59ms Scripting: 4ms
Rendering: 13ms Rendering: 3ms
Painting: 6ms Painting: 1ms
System: 36ms System: 29ms


Anyone who wants to contribute, they are heartily welcomed.

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