In Indian power spectrum, installed capacity of thermal power generating unit contributes for 56.5% of total installed capacity.Performance of thermal power generating unit play a significant role in meeting demand supply in India.

What it does

Predix based solution will help to analyze the smart wall blowing system should be setup to reduce steam wastage and to reduce damage on wall

How we built it

Image of boiler furnace walls just after a planned shutdown will be uploaded in Blobstore services, Deep learning algorithms will be applied to the image to analyze the effectiveness of wall blowers collating the wall blobdata from wing techniques used, Predix UI/ Charts for data visualization by providing comparative view on the effect of wall blowing pre/post planned shutdown of furnace

Challenges we ran into

Analytics on Images of Furnace walls Image processing in Predix

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Introducing automation in wall blowing mechanism

What we learned

Predix has right services to perform any Industrial anaytics

What's next for Efficiency Analyzers for Wall Blowers

Currently only Ash content is analyzed. Planning to add addditonal parameters like slug, impurties parameters to refine the analytics on wall blowing mechanism

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