We noticed that not many people are aware of the importance of Financial Literacy. The number of people who consistently keep track of their spending and effectively manage their money and savings are few. Therefore with our website, we hope to help users achieve their financial goals by calculating the amount of money to put aside in order for them to achieve their goals. We also hope that with our star awards system, we can encourage the user to shop eco-friendly

What it does

It is a website that serves as an informative savings tool amongst several other features. Our website helps users keep track of their money and brings them to success with financial advice and savings tips from blogs.

By creating an account user will have access to our Savings Tool. Each user will get their own profile where they can provide their yearly income, monthly expenses, spending habits, and their saving goals in order for our website to make the calculation. Based on this information, we will calculate how much the user can spend and how much they should put aside for savings in order to reach their goals within their planned timeframe. Our tool will develop a customizable and personalized savings plan just for them and then it will guide the user, provide advice, and will help them reach their financial goals.

The website will also have an educational tool for users to explore our resources and learn about financial literacy. Our tool will allow them to search for data, compare statistics, and gather the best prices on products. Our website will allow users to browse through our many informative blogs posted by financial experts for advice and so that they can learn helpful tips for saving, effectively managing their money, and successfully reaching their financial goals.

Lastly, we will have a Stars Reward Program for users who shop eco-friendly at our partnered local stores and those who have an active savings account in one of our partnered banks. We will also provide all users with daily, weekly, and monthly eco-friendly challenges to earn stars. The program will encourage users to make environmental decisions and in return, we offer several exclusive savings plans with our partner banks depending on how many stars they have earned. Not only will users with a high number of stars have access to these savings plans, but they will also have the option to have a loan with lower interests at our partnered banks.

Although our website is for all users, we believe that with this feature, we can help lower-income users to achieve their goals faster and by that, we can narrow down the gap between the wealthy and those in poverty by using our technology.

How I built it

I used HTML, Figma, CSS for design and Javascript for the function.

Challenges I ran into

This is the first time I use Figma so a lot to learn

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think our website has a cool design and also I made the contact form.

What I learned

I learn to build a project using Figma

What's next

I hope to create a function so that it can learn the user spending habits in order to make an accurate calculation so that they can achieve the financial goal in the planned timeframe.

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