We looked at the different mobile application that allowed to create content and we thought that there is still room to bring back the GIFs.

How it works

  1. Get the app
  2. Log-in with Facebook account or create an email account
  3. Take a series of pictures, and edit your animation by deleting or inserting frames
  4. Personalize your eevr with amazing filters and effect
  5. Post it and share anywhere you want.
  6. Follow your friends, like or comment their posts.
  7. Inspire yourself with our community by searching for hashtags and users
  8. Last, and most important step go crazy!

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Challenges we ran into

We didn't really had a lot of knowledge in building mobile app and we had to familiarize ourself with ObjectiveC. Moreover, since Eevr is not simply a mobile app, but also a social network we had to go through a period of research in order to find the proper technologies that would allow us to build our vision.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are really proud of saying that we build this social network platform and mobile application allowing to create and share GIFs across other social network from the ground up in just few months.

What we learned

We definitely learn that too much is not always good. In the begining we had a lots of features that we wanted to implement but in the end there was just too much for 2 engineers working fulltime on other job. We learn to dial down and pace our development by prioritising what we though was necessary.

What's next for Eevr

We have a lot of idea on how to make Eevr even better. There is definitely a lot of feature and optimization planned in our backlog, those few of them:

  • Re-desing the look&feel of the application.
  • Add more sharing capabilty by adding platform such as Giphy but also be able to share on Tumblr and Facebook messenger.
  • More effect
  • Optimization in order to improve the user experience and utilization of your mobile phone
  • Android port!
  • ...
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