We want to make a difference to the world, and one of the major problems we identified is the lack of awareness in society. People don't realize that by changing simple habits, major impact can be achieved.

What it does

Shows the difference and impacts of Electric Vehicles as compared to Internal Combustion Engines, in terms of carbon emissions of EVs and ICEs. The cost savings by using EVs. We will be partnering with car dealerships, in this case Nissan Renault dealers, and through our apps, potential customers who come in looking for ICEs, will be presented the benefits of EVs, and ultimately we intend to convince the customers to purchase EVs. We will have 3 features, 1) the potential cost savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions, 2) the actual savings, and 3) the impact factor of using the app over an entire year.

How we built it

We utilized React.js framework, and data collected from different sources such as the GREET Model, and other academic papers.

Challenges we ran into

Quantifying the impacts to factors that directly affect the users Covering all grounds to get comprehensive data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's personalized to user, and we collected data from various sources.

What we learned

Understanding comparative data from various government bodies. Understanding Models utilized by the agencies. How to make the tool more customized and relatable to the user

What's next for eEVee

Additional variables to consider all factors in purchasing an EV Fostering and building a strong community. Gamify our application.

Built With

  • react.js
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