During the past several years, the intensity and frequency of natural disasters such as Hurricanes, Fires, and Floods have increased Globally, especially in the United States. Take the example of the recent hurricane Florence that hit North Carolina, where millions of people were under mandatory evacuation orders. Such events, most of the time, require large-scale mass evacuations within short periods of time, ranging from immediately to a few hours (or days) notice. This requires a lot of pre-planning both at emergency management and agency level as well as the individual household level. Often times, due to lack of information, households and individuals make wrong decisions, and as a result, they often get stranded on flooded roads.

What it does

A dashboard (with a capability of developing a full-fledged app) is presented in this Hackathon which is comprised of dozens of open data sources that helps individuals and households to get answers to the most frequently asked as well as most important questions such as: Am I impacted by Hurricane Florence? Do I need to evacuate? Which shelter should I go to? Are road conditions clear or flooded? Is the route safe? Etc… The answer to all these questions through a single dashboard/app will help the impacted households to make sound decisions by utilizing the vital information at one place, based on accurate data fetched in real-time road conditions as well as other numerous sources.

How we built it

Feeds from smarterroads portal and from City of VA Beach open data portal were scraped using Python; dashboard is developed in Esri's ArcMap while emergency routing was performed in QGIS. Furthermore, we also used a trial version of ConceptDraw software to illustrate smart cities scenarios.

Challenges we ran into

Summarizing the problem and solution in 5 minutes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Illustrate our ideas through conceptual maps and dashboard.

What we learned

Inter-disciplinary research and applications.

What's next for EEvacPlan

Reach out to potential stakeholders and present ideas to turn it into a real project/app.

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