eEnergy Manager is a SmartPhone based application. It is designed to run on iPhones, iPads and Androids along with a Web based emulator. The application is intended to be used by the General Public to intelegently gather information on personal or business consumption. Then systematically DisAggrigate the information into Actionable tasks. An example of these tasks would be as follows: A) Electric Energy consumption would be broken down into 1) Multiple avaliable Utility Providors, their Off Peak/MidDay/Peak rates and policies for Time of Day Billing, Demand Response and Dispatchable Energy Storage. 2) Current Consumption History 3) Current Mix of Appliances, including sizeing/efficiency 4) Proposed Mix of Appliances, including sizeing/efficiency/Time-of-Day Progaming/Remotely Dispatched Demand Response or Energy Storage. 5) Predicted Energy and Cost Savings if these changes are implemented 6) Reccommended Vendor List to facilitate these changes. B) Similar Tools for Building Envelope changes, Fuel Conversions for Oil to Bio-Fuels, HVAC Upgrades, Restraunt Ventilation UpGrades.

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