Machine Learning has take the world by storm however if companies treated their vehicle operators with the same care that Data Scientist treated their neural networks we would have a safer and productive work enviroment.

What it does

A platform to help drivers train for their driving assignments (i.e a Lyft trip or a Truck delivery) and provide realtime status on the well being of the driver.

How I built it

A nodejs application that gathers and mines telemetry from the Smartcar API and EEG data from the Muse Headband via google big query. Every company will have its own use case, in the user story I provide a scenario where a driver isn't given access to a vehicle unless they have done training (progress is monitored via the Muse headband). Additionally, a drivers can wear an EEG device to recieves alerts and help administrations manage their fatigue better.

Challenges I ran into

Wrapping my head around some of the Neuroscience concepts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Overall I learned a lot about the changes that are being made in the Mobility industry thanks to the panels and workshops from the Sponsors.

What's next for EEN

integration with the Shell connected car api, Station Locator could be a great tool for implementing service checkpoints for drivers.

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