During an emergency such as a fire, rescue operations have to be conducted with limited information from the building. Dense smoke prevents firefighters from seeing into the building. When making the decision of which room to search first, they prioritize rooms that are most survivable and are most likely to have people in them. They make these calls solely based on experience. With industrial buildings however, they might be entering an unfamiliar building that is unique - rendering their experience useless. Buildings such as refineries are especially vulnerable to fires, but their uniqueness renders firefighter experience useless. We propose a system where each employee carries around a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon whenever they are in the building. The building is equipped with BLE "gateways" that record the signals and transmit them over a mix of Thread mesh network and Cat-M cellular network connections. This information is received and processed by a serverless backend hosted on AWS, and allows us to track the approximate position of survivors during emergencies. The gateways are also equipped with thermistors to measure ambient temperature, which enables monitoring of fire spread. These two pieces of information allow for more informed decision-making by firefighters in an emergency decreasing the likely hood of loss of life.

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