we were trying to hack the EEG monitor lead wires (used for medical equipment). We wanted to help out people who were disable people as in they cant use their hands and for people who want to use something else than their hands for games like virtual realities or any 2d games.

What it does

EEG capture the signal of the

How I built it

using analog circuits like op amps and filtering circuits.

Challenges I ran into

Determine signals and making a simulation to determine those signals that we are capturing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Albert- learned how to commucated with microcontroller, unity and analog circuits. Todd -learning a new development tool and new skills like unity Dan- simulting the ideal circuit for our prototype

What I learned

Todd-learned how to use unity and worked with

What's next for eeg device

To fix it and finish it.

Built With

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