Currently the biggest issue with AR is the size of the 3D assets. High quality assets are usually over 100mb depending on how many polygons the model has

Preadding the models into the app is also not a feasible solution. No one wants to wait half an hour to an hour to download an app from the playstore. If your app is 500megabytes many people are not going to want to download it.

Downloading new assets in real time over your regular mobile network is going to take a long time. Say you're using a 3D maps application, you don't want to wait 5 minutes walk pause wait another 5 minutes for assets to download.

But now with 5g, this adds a whole new playing field where we don't have to worry about these issues.

What it does

Edvocate is a mobile AR learning app that provides interactive resources for students to learn with their peers and teachers in real-time. Students can use it for either live learning sessions with a group or study at their own paces.

How we built it

Edvocate is a native Android app built with Java. We used ARCore for displaying and tracking the markers(images) on the printed paper. Tested on a Pixel4a which supports 5g.

What's next for Edvocate - AR App for Learning

For next steps, we hope to keep enriching the library of learning resources for Edvocate. This means to partner with educators or schools to work on the curriculum and develop relevant resources to bridge the gap. We also hope to enhance the component of voice and text interaction during 3D streaming, so students can communicate with their peers and teachers better.

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