Striving to take education from the dark ages to the golden age of Technology. Also trying to achieve the SDG-4-Quality education for all.

What it does

We want everyone to get quality education for social good. We want to make education and learning fun and lively which will enhance the learning capability and will help spread education among all sections and ages of people very easily. Bringing in new technologies in education, will enrich our education system and will help our youth and students to development themselves in an overall manner. We will use AR in simple notebook based education through our AR App. Seeing solar system right in front of the student will increase their zeal and interest towards studying. This will attract their minds and educate them simultaneously. Seeing a heart or a brain right in front of them will help them understand concepts better. Having AR Notes and videos related to the chapter all in one notebook will reduce burden of carrying numerous notebooks and always saving several videos and lectures in the device. The popping up figures, notes, videos will help in easier learning, cost effective learning among the children and students and educate them very well. This will also help reduce stress among students when learning becomes fun. Through our website, we give a common platform to the students, Parents, teachers, NGOs where they educate children, Institutions, Education Corporates, Education department of Govt and Students Counsellors. We connect all the stakeholders of Education system. The students will get a platform/App for studying using AR, understanding concepts to its core. Teachers can connect with students and guide them online, as well as connect with Institutions and Corporates. All the education schemes by the Govt will be updates in our website and hence all students, parents, teachers are aware and connect to these govt schemes, scholarships. Counsellors are there to help the students. The students also get connected with corporates and helps them in placements, understanding industry demands. Students can connect with NGOs and provide education to under-privileged children.

How we built it

Hardwork; Research..... TechStack: AR, Unity, Vuforia, C#, HTML5, CSS3, Js, jQuery, Bootsrap

Challenges we ran into

Getting proper 3D models; Lack of time to make own 3D model. Hence we managed to import it from various sites after searching.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could build a prototype of the future of Education system. We Connected all stakeholders of the education system under one platform.

What we learned

Learned new technologies like AR Learned about problems in education system like lack of communication and awareness and collaboration among different stakeholders of education. Hence tried to provide a prototype of the solution to that problem

What's next for EduVision

We will develop this app further, connect with corporates, NGOs, Institutes an encourage them to pursue this type of education along with entertainment and hence remove the word stress completely from the minds of the students. We will implement drone based AR education and send drones to the places where refugee children, underprviledged children will get education using AR drones which will at one time, teach and entertain a lot of people together in an area using AR.

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