Virtual education is so boring! There are barely any options to do but video-staring for hours, so we decided to leverage the current virtual classroom experience through what are readily available - speech and files. We took a 1.25 minute clip from the lectures of Dr. Drew van der Poel on Graduate Algorithms for demonstration purposes in this project video.

What it does

Tries to provide an interactive classroom to students with various cool features generated from the teacher's speech, handwriting style, and class materials. Live chatbot to answer lesson-related questions, easy note taking and the option to save as pdf, auto transcripts, keywords with relevant link suggestions, and an intuitive user interface. By enhancing student interactions, at the same time we can effectively help maximize their learning.

How we built it

Using Google Cloud Services, React for front-end, Python for back-end and Flask for serving the endpoints.

Challenges we ran into

We found integrating everything the most challenging part, yet we had so many features to implement while running short on time. Ensuring the structure and intuitiveness of our UI components meanwhile made it even more interesting. Other than that, it also took us a while to transfer videos from bit to long duration and identify teacher's handwriting style from notes.

What we learned

How to employ multiple google apis, save files from client-side, and render canvases into React components.

What's next for EduVate: Bringing Innovation to Virtual Education

Implement preference based team matching for projects, transcript's clickable time-stamps for quick video navigation, and an interactive calendar to manage classes.

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