What Inspired us?

We as a team consisting of students understood how the pandemic took a toll on the educational sector and initially it seemed quite hard to concentrate and adapt to so many things at once, to get done with one assignment it took so many clicks and searches to get to the right resources and get into the right mood for it. So, we thought we could build something which makes this process a lot easier as compared to before.

What does our hack do?

Our hack basically is going to be a learning management system that will be providing the students with the following benefits: 1)Educational News (Syllabus, National Exam Schedule, Cut-Offs etc.) 2)Stopwatch/Pomodoro Timer for calculating productivity 3)TimeTable Management: Can add /edit and delete tasks 4)A section for YouTube Tutorials and LoFi Music: Helps in learning and concentrating 5)Basic Calculator 6)Links to sites that provide Internship Opportunities 7)Links to sites where one can take MCQ Tests 8)Book Recommendations / Reading Lists 9)Courses that give access to PDFs and Worksheets 10)Pricing for the premium version

How did we build the hack?

Coding: (Done by two people mainly) Used CSS /HTML /JavaScript and a bit of Python Content & Visuals: (Done by one person) Used Canva for making the posters and the banners, Intro and Outro templated from Figma Community and edited them with text from OpenFonts (OTT Format) on Jitter, The content was purely self-written and paraphrased through QuillBot . Editing: (Done by one person)Used CapCut to edit the video and time it

Challenges we as a team ran into?

We initially had a broad plan and wanted every single detail of our project to be functional but the time constraint and lack of technical soundness in some aspects led to last-minute complications and some of our buttons such as the search /Login /SignUp aren't functional as we initially wanted them to be.

Accomplishments that we as a team are proud of?

We came across multiple issues throughout the project but we are very happy with the product we could assemble in a short duration, we are happy that the majority of our hack is functional and the colour theme + content complement each other well enough.

What did we as a team learn?

Apart from subjective and practical gains from the project we were able to pinpoint how important coordinating within is, we learnt that matching the energy and productivity rate with the rest of the team is very essential.

What's the next step for Eduthene?

At the moment Eduthene is specifically useful for Indian Students considering the news/worksheets etc. are based on the educational rules and curriculum under the Indian Central Government so we would want to expand the student reach and make the platform more internationally accessible, simultaneously we would want to diversify the platform by developing something similar within Eduthene for working individuals /adults.

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