There is a lack of a medium that eases the process of knowledge-seeking, it's difficult to streamline a collection of resources to online obtain the needed information as a student because of the numerous and somewhat unimportant details that might cover the needed information.

What it does

A platform for students to easily reach out to experts in a field to solve problems relating to their academic field. Basically what we aim to achieve is the ability for students to get real-time solutions to their problem without ever needing to scour the internet.

How I built it

We ensured to use the latest technologies in the web development industry, as well as follow the best practices, this is our technology stack currently:

  • VueJs (front end)
  • NodeJs (back end)
  • Linode (hosting)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Being able to assemble a team and work on the project to roll out a functional MVP all in 7 days.

[//]:#(# What's next for Edutec)

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