Did you know that, in the USA, 60% of parents say that affording school supplies is challenging for them. The price for necessary school supplies is increasing, as is the amount of items you are told you need to buy. Not only this, but 94% of teachers report spending their own money in order to pay for school supplies for their students.

This is such as issue as it means that students from less wealthy backgrounds face unfair disadvantages in the classroom, purely because their parents are unable to afford the basic supplies they need to learn. That is why I have created EduSwap.

What it does

EduSwap is a web and mobile application which allows students to swap or donate their old school supplies such as textbooks, notes, pencil cases, and stationary. You can sign up for an account, and then you are able to create your own listings. You can see the listings of other students, and you are able to filter these listings by location and by item. Once you find an item which you would like to request, you can click on the 'request swap' button which will allow you to directly message the owner of the post to arrange a time at which you can be given the item. This chat is separate to the rest of the application and includes encryption so that your chat is secure and the meet-up time and location are not being shared.

This application will enable students to receive school supplies for free, or it will allow them to make a difference to their local community by giving away their old supplies.

How we built it

The application was created using React for the frontend. It was styled in MaterialUI and includes several features such as specific components from Redux and React-DOM. The backend is powered by node.js and the listings are stored in MongoDB. They are queried by the filter using SQL Alchemy.

Challenges we ran into

I ran into many challenges during this project including not being able to get MongoDB to connect until I changed around the code, and having a single colon in the wrong place messing up my entire front-end :) However, the biggest challenge was being unable to find a teammate who could help me develop my idea so I had to work extra hard to create it myself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of finishing this project in the timeframe, and including all the features I wanted to use :)

What we learned

I learned about creating responsive applications in react, and it was my first time using MaterialUI

What's next for EduSwap

I hope to continue working on this application to include a profile page and a way to include the Google Maps API :)

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