Problem Being Solved

Impoverished families don’t have enough money to send their children to school, and they have to help their parents work at home, so they don’t have enough resources to even learn from home. Sometimes, children will get free school tuition, but they still can’t go because they have to stay and help their parents work at home, or have other factors to not going to school.

What Is EduSpot

An application which will help the children from families living in poverty be able to learn just like if they were in school, in a fun way, where their normal lives helping out their families with things is not affected. Users can sign up on the application, and they are able to select what age they are, and what city they live in. After that, the app will ask for what they like, by asking questions for example, “Do you like walking or biking more?” This will be used by AI to calculate what kind things the app would do to make them engaged, so like if the person says they like to play games with their friends, then the courses that they take can be slightly related to gaming, while also still making it educational. When this is all done, they are immediately able to take courses. They have the freedom to amend the schedule themselves, to fit their own time, but there is a recommended timeline to finish assignments, in order for the children to get time-keeping skills. There is also an option for going to different places to learn about various things by themselves, for free too. The resources will be uploaded and monitored by using crowdsourcing of different professional teachers or professors. There will also be meetups with other children to work or play, which will be done by matching up children with different interests at various places, under supervision. Another part of the schedule would be to physically meet up with mentors or tutors. Students are also able to access many student services, like online psychologist consultations, or university advisors. The consultants will be people who volunteer. In addition, there will be options to find various exams around the area, and to find affordable universities or schools that match their descriptions. There will be some events which will bring many children together physically, which will increase their happiness. These events will be advertised on our app.

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