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EduSphere: The coronavirus pandemic and the crises it has caused, has taught us many things. Of these things, the most apparent is the fragility of our education system. To create a more robust system in the face of this pandemic, we must bring education into the 21st century. Distance learning has been a major symptom of the pandemic; various shortcomings of existing methods have been exposed. It is impossible to transport the experience of being in a physical classroom to an online platform which is what apps like zoom, in the form of webinars have tried and failed to do. The issue is that students cannot be expected to retain the same focus and concentration on a web platform as they would in a physical environment. The downgrade in student-teacher interactions cannot be understated. Attentiveness and engagement of students have always been a critical part of the classroom. We, at EduSphere, have combated that issue by creating an education suite loaded with multiple features to promote ease of learning. The online class has now transformed from a mere video conference to an emulation of interpersonal face-to-face classrooms. Often it is hard, for not only students but also teachers, to keep track of all their deadlines. Here, at EduSphere, we build a database of all deadlines, assignments and materials required for all members of the institution which is seamlessly integrated into their profile, thereby ensuring that no deadline is missed. Furthermore, we have provided features such as validation of course content, grading and testing of assignments online and even the ability for seamless transfer of student profile between schools and colleges. We have created not just a service, but a timeless platform. We believe that the standard webinars are not the answer. We believe that easy to use interactive courses which can be easily created by teachers is the way forward. The system also allows for the uploading and submission of assignments by students, as well as a platform to measure and calculate their GPA and progress reports. The main aim of our platform is to use technology to effectively propel education into the 21st century. We understand that traditional education cannot be replicated online in the same capacity, which is why we have focused on completely revamping distance learning. Whats sets us apart from similar private websites used by institutions is that while such websites have to be custom-built from scratch by schools and colleges at high costs and with a requirement of a large IT department, with EduSphere, your schools can build these systems fast and easily, effectively making them immune to situations such as these.

EduSphere allows students, teachers and even institutions to collaborate, which results in a higher quality of education. Students can create projects, cross-examine one another and even create student handbooks full of tips and tricks for others to use. Teachers can help one another with grading, testing and creating course content, thereby improving efficiency. Institutions can collaborate to build courses suited to their strengths, thus creating courses that are superior to ones that would be created by individual institutions. Here at EduSphere, not only do we aim to inculcate an environment of learning, but we also strive to create an ecosystem that allows teachers, students and institutions all to thrive. With our interactive system and platform that offers access to tools for every need, education has never been easier. Our features

  1. Teachers can easily make subject-specific courses that combine videos, quizzes, tests and interactive puzzles.
  2. Students can complete assignments and make submissions which are compiled and kept in the platform's database.
  3. Students can keep track of videos, courses, and assignments etc they may have undertaken.
  4. Schools may take into account the scores and performance of students, by viewing them under each student’s profile.
  5. Individual teachers can now maintain a record of coursework and tutorials put out

We are creating an ecosystem that strives to do four things:- 1) Make online education easier for schools to implement 2) Make online learning enticing and more engaging for students by implementing interactive content 3) Allow collaboration of multiple institutions to facilitate higher quality education 4) Create a student database that allows networking, scheduling and seamless transition of data between schools, colleges

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