What is EduScape?

The central concept behind EduScape is to gamify the learning experience! EduScape offers students the ability to compete with fellow classmates, while encouraging to learn from one another simultaneously. EduScape takes a different approach to studying and completely decouples the traditional grading system from the learning experience. Instead we substitute grades with an anonymous ranking system, and use battles and friendly competition as motivation. EduScape's ultimate goal is to offer a safe and fun learning environment where all students can socialize, interact with teachers, and truly enjoy the process of learning.

Target Users

EduScape is primary targeted at students, K - 12.

Key Features

We are particularly proud of our challenge system. Prior to a test or quiz, a student may challenge another user to a dual. In this system both students place an agreed-upon amount of experience points into a collective pool. The user who scores higher than their opponent takes all of the points in the pool. The goal of this is to bring the competitive urge to win into the classroom motivating the students to study harder for their classes than they otherwise would.

Team Members

Joss Steward Nicholas Hydock Douglas Rudolph

Built With

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