Corona Virus Outbreak made the world slower than usual. Students would suffer more because of lockdown in the countries, schools are shut and students have no other source than learning online. We decided to improve online learning and education by making a project called EduQuix. Also our project focus on home delivery of school essentials.

What it does

Some of the features are listed below:-

  1. It asks students and teachers to sign up or login. After that, it provides the students zoom url to join the online meeting, teachers has to start their own meeting and has to upload the meeting ID and password to the website server so the students may join.

  2. After the meeting ends, the students has to solve quiz related to the class which will automatically give them grades according to their performance. Teachers get excess to upload the quiz.

  3. Teachers may assign students projects or assignments using this platform and students can submit their work before the deadline.

  4. Also this project enables users the access to order school essentials like books, pens and other stationery online through it.

How I built it

  1. The delivery part was built using's theme and by modifying it into stationery store website

  2. Quiz page was made using Wolfram Techologies

  3. Rest of the complete website was made using Bootstrap Studio by integrating website with, Zoom for the meetings, Firebase to get the meeting ID and password for the Zoom meeting and then linking the main site with the delivery site made through wix.

Challenges I ran into

  1. All the teammates belonged to different countries, So the time zone created a major problem for us to collaborate but we divided the work and every teammate completed its work on time.

  2. I was new to, so it was time consumable to understand it and make a working website.

  3. One of my teammate was new to firebase. So, it was difficult for him to work with that but he got to learn about firebase and how to use it. It was time consuming but helping each other made the work easier

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. I got to learn about website development because it was my first time making a website

  2. I got to learn integrating firebase to websites.

  3. I was a beginner to bootstrap but now I have enough knowledge to make a website work using bootstrap

What I learned

  1. Team Work is a great thing I got to learn by working with people belonging to different parts of the world.

  2. I was new to website development. So I got to know more about website development using bootstrap and

  3. I used to integrate mobile apps with firebase but this project gave me an opportunity to learn about integrating websites with firebase.

What's next for EduQuix

  1. In future, we plan to make an android app so it would be easier for everyone to use it even for them who don't own a computer or a laptop.

  2. We would try to add notification pannel in the project through which students may get aware of emergency updates like if class gets postponed or gets canceled.

  3. We would try to improve assignment part and quiz part so that students may get amazing experience related to the class they attended.

  4. We can tie up with local stationery stores to provide users same day delivery.

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