Our group thinks that quantum computing is going to be the future medium. As an artist/designer/developer we need to be ahead of our society and raise this awareness of existing such technologies and the effect they may cause on different cultural layers. We were inspired by the immense potential of quantum computing and wanted to create a gamified learning experience to help bridge the knowledge gap.

What it does

Many people even those who are educated are afraid of getting into the concept of quantum mechanics. However, there is a need to be quantum ready as the technology arrives any time soon. With this game, we have facilitated the process of learning and understanding the quantum concept. The game is a no-code quantum circuit simulation learning app. A tutorial guides users in creating predefined circuits.

How we built it

Using the Unity and Mixed Reality Toolkit we created a multiplatform app. Right now it is tested on HoloLens 2 and Magic leap. In addition, Using voice recording, written text explanation, and even gesture recording we created a beautiful, low threshold, mixed reality introduction to quantum computing. Also, we have made the background music with the Quantum Music Playground which is a tool for composing music as well as a way of getting an intuition about quantum circuits and states.

Challenges we ran into

  • Even in our group, only some of our members understood quantum computing and have researched it before.
  • Boiling down quantum computing into a set of steps.
  • Connecting the IBM Quantum Service to do real simulation was not possible in time because of the lack of API documentation.
  • The newest Unity LTS Version introduced a Bug that broke compatibility with HL2.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Simplicity of such complex topic and bring it to the level that everyone can understand
  • App (same code) running on HL2 and Magic Leap.
  • Recording a custom hand motion (flipping coin) with leap motion and replay it inside the app.
  • Making music with quantum circuit

What we learned

  • The basics of quantum computing and its difference with classical computers
  • Designing a no-code interface for the new medium
  • Connecting to the actual quantum computer

What's next for EduQuantXR

We want to integrate more of the principles of quantum computing into the game. Now, we are able to prepare circuits that the app can check, our goal is to create a real quantum computing service from the cloud so the circuits can be validated this way. Furthermore, we aim to add an NFT-based rewarding system into the game so whoever creates a quantum circuit can be awarded by a QuantumCat NFT! Also, since we are using Unity + MRTK the app, it should be also easy to develop it to Meta Quest or any other VR/AR devices.

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