EduPocket makes creating & maintaining school mobile applications simple.

Colleges & universities have the resources to commission custom mobile applications for their schools. More often than not, K-12 schools don’t. Parents and students, however, are carrying more smartphones than ever before. Why shouldn’t their schools have a dedicated app on their phone? This is why we created EduPocket – a mobile platform that takes away the time and expense of having to create a fully customized school application, thus making it easier for K-12 schools to go mobile.

The EduPocket content management system, accessible via, serves as the core of the product. This is where administrators will log in to manage their app. The EduPocket iOS application, currently available in the iTunes App Store (for iPhone & iPod; iPad is in review), is what parents and students install in order to view and interact with the content posted by their school.

To use the service, an administrator would simply create an account for their school, designate the look & feel of their app (colors), toggle the features that they would like to have included within their app, and add the corresponding content.

Some of the features included today are: Calendar, Directory, News, Safety, Docs, Sports Roster/Schedule, Meal Calendar, Media (YouTube & Flickr), Campus Map, the School Website, and social links (Facebook/Twitter). Features in development include anonymous crime-stoppers reporting functionality (with photos) and parent portal integration (so that students’ grades can be viewed on the go).

Additionally, an administrator could invite additional instructors onto the platform and give them access to specific features that they would then assume responsibility for. For example, a coach could be added to a school’s account and placed in charge of the Sports.

The world is going mobile. We’re helping K-12 get there too.

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