Times are changing, sometimes as students we struggle with the new online classes experience and also professors may be learning new tools to teach. Zoom is widely used as one of the main video conference platforms around the world, but that does not mine that it is the perfect substitute for our classroom classes. That is why we are proposing a new way to teach and learn, providing features useful for students and professors.

What it does

EduPlus helps professors to have a better experience while teaching to their students. EduPlus helps students with some very usefuls tools for taking online classes. Features: Realtime transcripts (captions) Assistant list Pre-mic filter Emotion recognition

How I built it

Using some given frameworks and APIs form google could, and some other google services.

Challenges I ran into

Since Zoom had some very recent hack experience it was kind difficult to join a meeting as a bot. The realtime audio transcription was also a problem because we could not implement it using twilio having some issues whit the API timeout response.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made some very useful features such as emotion recognition where professors and behavior researcher can learn about the students emotion during class and use those metrics to know what is working and what is not during the teaching-learning proccess

What I learned

We learned a lot of python language since everyone in the team was new to this language.

What's next for EduPlus

There are some next steps in the deployment of the solution. We were not able to create a better UI since we were pretty focused on the bots, algorithms and AI models for the features. We also have to include the noise filtering feature in a more easy-deploy solution.

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