## Inspiration The jump from high school to university/college and then from university/college into the real world is immense, 87% of students are not gaining the financial tools needed to flourish. That's where EduPlan comes in. EduPlan is a set of tools that helps students keep up with their financial life. It was inspired by the 87% and their lack of financial tools.

Problem it solves

Nowadays being part of a rapidly moving society as a student, becomes more complicated than we usually imagine. Whether it is financial, academic or extracurriculars. Furthermore, we absolutely noticed that there are a lot of great resources on the internet that could provide 100% help in specific areas. But the highlight of EduPlan is, it is one station-like application. You can find all the things you need, during the journey of your education.

What it does

EduPlan is an online platform built via HTML/CSS and javascript, aimed to assist students from all demographics to have a better understanding of their education journey.

How we structured it


You can find help on the loan and finances page. For example, the interest and loan calculator could help you to calculate the term of the loan, whether it is simple interest or compound interest, precisely. After you have enough money to support your educational journey, you may move on to the finances page. It is basically a budget list that keeps track of your spending and savings.


EduPlan has a built-in chat option that allows students to connect with tutors. All students are encouraged to ask any questions, there will always be an admin tutor on the other side of the chat. Moreover, this is a totally private chat, when the user exits the window, every message will be gone thoroughly.

Extracurriculars Managing

Lastly, students could find a place to manage their extracurricular activities efficiently by accessing the calendar and volunteer windows. The built-in calendar function could assist students to manage all the events and things that need to be done. It is a calendar with a reminder and a todo-list. Volunteer and Intern Events are always one of the most important experiences to have as a student. Therefore, during this window, it provides students with an online tracking sheet of how many volunteer works they have done.

What's next for EduPlan

To conclude, EduPan is a powerful and functional online platform that aids all students from all areas and perspectives. EduPlan, Planning today for a better future.

We are team \begin{hacking}, nice to meet you here.

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