The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought numerous changes to the world. One of these is the shift from in-person classes to an online learning environment. This change has brought numerous challenges. One of these is the increased workload felt by students across the globe. We believe that this is the effect of the lack of communication between teachers.

What it does

Our software allows teachers to get a better understanding of their students workload.

  • Allows teachers to upload their own events. This would include: class, start and end dates, and type (Assignment, Test, etc.)
  • Allows teachers to see their students workload
  • Syncs all logged-in devices via a firestore database of events.

How we built it

  • Flutter/Dart - Main Framework
  • Cloud Firestore - Used to store data of users, classes, and assignments
  • Firebase Auth - Authenticating users

Challenges we ran into

  • We wanted to make a website first, but that would prove to be difficult given the timeframe and learning curve
  • Planning and implementing a database model to fit the requirements for storing info on students and their classes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Pivoting from a website to an app half-way through and still managing to create a working prototype
  • Setting up a complex data model in firebase

What we learned

  • Working with databases
  • Table_calendar workings
  • Flutter / Dart

What's next for EduPlan

  • Make it into a website so that it's more convenient and can be used across any platform.
  • Update the UI to make it more appealing to the end-user.
  • Add push notifications when a new assignment is added or when there is too much workload in order to notify the educators in a faster and in more efficient manner.
  • Add analytics like total average work per day to be able to better gauge student workload
  • Suggestions on when to schedule assignments
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