Educational Language Learning Web App So I used to study German back in 8th grade and honestly, I was very bad at German and the more difficult part for me was that there were no tutors around the place I used to live, so I had no option other than to struggle every day at school. I still am not that proficient in the language but I have strengthened my basics and the grasp of the language. I was not able to do anything and felt helpless in those classes but somehow managed to clear the exams (wink wink). After I passed out from school and went to college I bought a course online and followed it and I realized that maybe I am not that bad at it, I'm just a bit slower than others at grasping and getting used to a language. And these self-paced learning programs really suit me and are more time-efficient apparently. Only if I had something like this when I was in school.

Enough of the back story, so here I am with a learning platform and an e-commerce web application that will really help you in gaining confidence, practicing your language and communication skills with the online courses, support from the tutor, and a large supportive community. Each course also offers you a demo and a course outline so you can decide on whether it is the right course for you or not, and every course also provides a 30-day return policy so you can get a refund if you are not really liking it (applicable only if the course is complete under 25 percent). Each course also comes with a lot of study material and other necessities which will be delivered to your address.

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