The theme was solving rural india's problems , and we thought about connecting them through intranet .

So basically we are trying to solve the communication and education problems, using realtime video ,audio . Like a teacher and students connected to the same LAN network could interact even if they are in a different place, without external internet . The teacher could stream tutorials and the students can learn from it .


simple logic :- video -> frames( images ) -> dataURLS -> websockets -> server -> client -> image -> canvas play the frames fast enough so it feels like a video , similar to the audio

how we tried it

I have used chrome's getUserMedia functionality to capture audio and video from user and then drawn it onto a canvas . This data is then sent to the server using websockets , which then sends it to all connected clients and the data is converted back to images.


We tried using google's webRTC , but it requires internet connectivity AT LEAST ONCE, so we dropped it made our own mechanism from scratch . The video frames were not being sent realtime , so the video on client side was lagging :(


We basically were able to build a skype from scratch although a bit laggy :)


-> Optimize the video quality -> Translate the video realtime ( which will be hugely beneficial we guess )

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