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In recent years, the world has changed dramatically, with online teaching creating a virtual revolution in the world of education. However, online teaching has its own drawbacks, to jump in and out for endless tabs in the browser with different apps installed is tiring, we call it "Lost in the cloud". With minimal interaction and lengthy lectures, classes are becoming uninteractive repetition. We therefore aspire to produce a more convinient system and make learning more joyous.

What it does⚡

So, for ease of learning we thought of bringing everything together under one umbrella, to make the teaching process much easier and more fun for the teachers and the students as well. This app will allow teachers to create a online room and invite the students to join.

There the teacher can use the real-time whiteboard for illustration purposes.

The app will also have a collapsable online editor for writing and running code. The editor will support languages like C, CPP, CPP11, CLOJURE, C#, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, HASKELL, PERL, PHP, PYTHON, RUBY.

The app will also have a dedicated section for real-time browsing so that the teacher can easily display the content of any website like Wikipedia, google docs, etc. just by providing the corresponding URL into the search box.

The teacher can create instant quizzes for interactive teaching and can see the responses submitted by each student. The teacher can also view the submission and accuracy of the whole class in the form of a pie-chart.

The students can access the notes of that room at any time as per his/her convenience. This reduces the burden of taking notes during online class, and students can primarily focus more on what the teacher says.

Key Features 🚀

  • Online realtime whiteboard
  • Realtime code editor with compiler embedded in the web app
  • Collaborative browsing
  • Pdf viewer
  • Interactive quiz
  • Save Notes and Board work
  • Todo list for for every class ## Technology🤖
  • Frontend using reactjs
  • Backend using node.js and websocket.io
  • Authentication using Google Firebase
  • Database using MongoDB
  • Online compiler using an API from RakutenRapid API marketplace https://english.api.rakuten.net/

Challenges we ran into

-setting up socket connection with react as we are not familiar with websocket previously

What we learned

  • Learn how to use web sockets

What's next for Edunation🔥

We further look to incorporate the following features in our project so that the users don’t need to use any other third-party app and our main aim of bringing things under one roof is fulfilled:-

  • Video conferencing
  • Chat System
  • Automatic attendance system

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