The high rates of children unable to obtain a proper education inspired us to be their voices for the betterment of their future, while also trying to help the detoriorating environment by recycling used items.

What it does

The app and website allow users to donate their old devices, textbooks, and books.

How I built it

For the app, we used an application called XCode which uses swift coding language from the Mac app store. For the website, we used the notepad application for windows, utilizing the languages HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

Initially, in the app, we were not able to figure out how to display the starting screen. Once we figured that out, we were not able to figure out how to link buttons to other screens. Some problems that we ran into while doing the website was formatting and presentability. This was our first time using these interfaces.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the fact that we created a functional app and a presentable website. Even though we ran into many problems, we were still able to figure it out, which made us proud.

What I learned

We had very minimal experience in both swiftcode and HTML, and CSS. These past 24 hours have been a big learning experience for both of us.

What's next for Edunate

We want to make more types of donations possible. Addiitonally, we want to implement points and recruit sponsors. We also hope to allow users to donate to more countries.

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