Whom did we meet?

In this Project, we focus on our Lead Persona who is a 37-Year-Old professor of Computer Application at B.P. Poddar College of Engineering & Management. She faces several problems managing Classes online with the virtual platforms.

Lead Persona's Problem Statement

Problem Statement: As a Professor, I want an easier and more user-friendly virtual meeting environment, So that I can make the learning and teaching style more effective and interactive.

The How Might We Statement

Ease the Virtual Meeting & Resource Sharing Experience For The Professor(s) who is(are) not well accustomed to the Online Environment So That The professor would get the help to make the learning and teaching style more effective and interactive.

Initial Solution

Creating an All-In-One Platform that will help the Professor (our Target Audience) in arranging online classes and managing them in an optimized manner. Video Tutorials to get accustomed to technological aspects. Different Subjects categories to have a quick look through. Videos provided by University for betterment of Online Classes. Direct option to arrange Google Meet and schedule a meeting directly. User Friendly Interface

Changes Suggested by our End User

She asked us to add an introductory video portion and some suggestion video portion in the upper side of the home page. Adding direct link creating option for Google Meet, Zoom and opening google calendar from the Website Home Page Add a Bug Report & Feedback Feature so that I and any of the users can give the feedback. Adding Tutorials video of Several Meeting Platforms with regional language support. An option to access materials for different topics. Accessing Teaching Tools from one place.


In the initial state after having a clear idea what we will be doing, we went to one of our Target Users with our low fidelity prototype and took her response to make the necessary changes to create the mid fidelity prototype. While creating the mid fidelity prototype, we connected with similar Organizations that have experience in this field and discussed the ongoing changes. Taking both of their suggestions and adding some useful features of our own, we created the High Fidelity prototype and webto into the phase of User Testing. After having the User tested the High Fidelity prototype, we took the final feedback to structure the Feedback Capture Grid.

Keeping it Eccentric

Now, the main question is, how it is different from the other existing website and how we worked upon our Value Proposition. Our website does not focus on bringing something out of the blue but majorly focuses on keeping everything simple and at one place to access simultaneously while teaching or working. The Grid of the website is kept streamline and videos are all embedded to keep the experience unique avoiding unnecessary overheads keeping an appealing interface.

Implementation of the Website

The EduLive Aid website is built with a key motivation of keeping it simple and interactive. So we used the regular Tech Stacks to keep it elegant and User Friendly with all their necessary needs in one place to make it unique of its kind. The Website has a Grid Structure with HTML Embedding to avoid hyperlinking to different pages and removing unnecessary browser cache and cookies.

What's next for EduLive Aid

Implementing resource Sharing Platform & in-built video meetings for the PWebsite.

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