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The Problem

Teachers lack a proper teacher-to-teacher network that enables collaboration between those in different fields, schools, and teaching experience. Hawaii’s education system has yet to attain an inclusive, high-quality education for all students. With the rapidly-changing workforce ahead of new generations, teachers must provide their students with the knowledge they need to thrive and build a sustainable future for Hawai’i. Powerful teacher-to-teacher networks enable teachers in Hawaii to develop and utilize lesson plans that promote learner-oriented lifelong learning.

The Solution

Edulime is a collaborative network hub for educators that promotes transformational learning, as well as a collection of the best tools to support them. The platform allows teachers from any school to connect with other teachers to share, find, and annotate educational resources. Edulime makes it easy for teachers to create engaging and effective lessons that foster equitable access to education and provide teachers with useful and practical tools to revolutionize the way they teach.

The Features

Innovation Board

The core of this platform is built around the idea of ideation and innovation through collaboration. The Innovation Board is a digital version of a creative space that allows effective, real-time collaboration with other teachers. The Innovation Board is an instantaneous markup and annotation tool that works across the Internet with multiple users. It takes the hassle out of file sharing and platform mismatches. It remains professional and respects the privacy of teachers while conducive to higher productivity. The ingenuity behind the Innovation Board comes from the interconnected system between the various tools of the platform. Any file in the Resource Library can be edited collaboratively with other teachers in the Innovation Board, sparking new ideas and connections.

Resource Library

The Resource Library is a powerful tool that allows teachers to upload and browse a multitude of lesson plans, worksheets, assignments, and other educational resources. Most notably, teachers can open a resource in the Innovation Board, allowing them to annotate and collaborate in real-time with other teachers.

Creative Spaces

The Creative Spaces tool is a growing directory of physical places such as coffee shops, libraries, and coworking spaces where educators can work together. They can also meet with other educators at these locations to collaborate, discuss, and co-create lesson plans. Direct face-to-face communication fosters stronger networks between various teachers from different schools, departments, and subjects.

Teacher Match

The Teacher Match tool allows teachers to find and connect with other teachers. Profiles of similar teachers are shown by category. The ability to filter by department, subject, and/or school allows teachers to specify what type of teachers they are looking to network with.


When we connect teachers, we create the future. Edulime will make this a reality. Getting started is easy: simply create an account at You can also find out more about Edulime here:


Login Info

  1. Go to
  2. Access the login page by pressing the "Login" button in the top right. Enter the email and password provided to access the account. Feel free to explore before logging in if you wish.

Password: 123

Method 2 (Not Recommended)

Alternatively, you can choose to run the website locally: $ git clone
$ npm install
$ gulp production
$ npm run dev

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