Students just struggle for passing the exams

What it does

We made eduladder by keeping the ideology of building a supermarket of all the educational material available under one roof. We are doing it with the help of individual contributors, interns and employees. So the resources you are looking for can be easily available and accessible also with the freedom of remix reuse and reshare our content under the terms of creative commons license with attribution required close.

How I built it

I thought of passing the exam by myself so I bought a domain and posted question papers there then people told me to add other enhancements slowly we added an algorithm something similar to stack overflow with it then added speech to text along with it its called eduladder now.

Challenges I ran into

Solving question papers was not an easy task especially in India there are 29 states each state has its own syllabus

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Users are increasing every day by the closing of this year 2017-2018 there are 3000000 unique visitors and from them almost 750000 returning visitors

What I learned

On the space of quality education, there are a lot of areas to explore and scale

What's next for eduladder

Becoming the largest provider of educational materials under one roof which includes video classes as well.

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