What is EduLabs ?

EduLabs is an interactive educational app which allows students to access their personal labs and helps them carry
out practicals in times like these when online education is the major medium of education.


The online medium has taken over the education industry. The students face difficulty in getting access to the
laboratory education. There are many simulation software which make the work easy but none get them as far as
giving them a real-life experience. So, we propose EduLabs as an alternative to the online laboratory education.

What does EduLabs do?

EduLabs empowers the students to visualize the laboratory education through an immersive Augmented Reality(AR)
experience. Students can learn at their pace at the comfort of their homes. All this is made possible through
a mobile application without any additional burden.

How We built it

Our Team built EduLabs using :
  • Unity
  • Google ARCore
  • C#
  • Java

Challenges We ran into

Creating an immersive experience

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a fully functional Augmented Reality app in a short span of time

What I learned

Implementing Lean Touch, Virtual Buttons and other features in AR.

What's next for "EduLabs"

1. Creating a web portal for teacher where they can check the progress of their students in EduLabs.
2. Scaling up our application so that millions of students across the world can be benefitted.

Our Team

1. Deepak Chaturvedi Linkedin
2. Kartik Gupta Linkedin

Built With

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