We were inspired by Khan Academy, a space for educational videos on a variety of topics to be posted. However, we wanted a space for students and teachers alike to upload videos and learn from each other, which is why we created eduHUB.

What it does

It allows teachers to post their own educational content and allows others to easily find those posts based on what they want to learn. Users can easily upload videos to the site, which can be searched for and accessed via browse

How we built it

We used a MongoDB database to store all information about videos uploaded. We used Tailwind for the styling, and a next.js webframework.

Challenges we ran into

We personally had trouble getting the authorization working, as we did not know how to store session information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Connecting the database to the project was definitely a challenge, and we are proud of getting it successfully set up and properly working. We are proud of building a full stack website.

What we learned

We learned how to connect databases to our website, and learned a bunch of frontend tricks. Additionally, we built a full frontend and backend, and connected the two.

What's next for eduHUB

Store session and login information, filter videos, compatible mobile view.

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