Having experienced what it is like to have school virtually, our team could easily identify and empathize with the pain points of our target audience. We identified these problems to be feelings of isolated learning, lack of motivation/resources as well as the lack of platforms to seek for help. Hence, we envisioned a solution that could effectively target these problems.

What it does

EduHome guides its users throughout their learning journey. First, EduHome provides online learning materials for users. Second, users can join online learning communities which encourages the exchange of knowledge through forums. Lastly, they can put their new knowledge to the test by battling it out with other users and forming meaningful connections at the same time.

How we built it

We built it using React Native and TailwindCSS for our frontend technologies and Firestore for our backend technology.

Challenges we ran into

We definitely faced challenges with the time constraint as well as the energy to work through the time period. Additionally, we also faced some challenges in our product ideation, to formulate a solution that could effectively tackle the problems we have identified.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud that we have managed to code out a mobile app with a neat UI/UX with working functionalities such as the competition feature and leaderboard using real world data.

What we learned

We learned to have a good workflow which improved our time management. We also learned the importance of staying focus on the task at hand.

What's next for EduHome

  • Outsourcing of courses to education companies as well as teachers to better streamline the content and provide better quantity and quality of resources for our users
  • Integration of social features such as chats to allow users to connect with like-minded individuals on the platform
  • Implementation of third party API logins such as Google, Twitter or Github to ease user experience

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