PROBLEM WE ARE TRYING TO SOLVE When someone needs to download educational app of his/her choice from Google Play Store he/she gets hundreds of apps in the results and it is very hard to find the specific app which he needs, it is very hard for someone to get exact app which he needs. One has to download and install a number of apps before getting just the right one, and sometimes you just never get to the right app.

OUR SOLUTION We are working on app that provides a directory of educational apps along with editor and user review scores on various categories. Apps will be sorted based on target age group, education level, subject area, fun/engaging/interactive elements etc.

EFFECTIVENESS OF SOLUTION This solution is very effective because of its: Usability Interactive Elements Easy and Fun Learning Interface

WHO WILL IT SERVE Kids Parents High School Students University Students Teachers Professionals COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Our unique approach, our motivation, and the diversity and quality of our team.

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