(we are currently on native iOS)

EduGame's will disrupt education by allowing teachers to create engaging interactive games tailored to their curriculum with no programming knowledge. We offer game templates teachers can choose from to create native iOS educational games for their students. These are real-time multiplayer games that are engaging and educational. Students will each get their own profile to show off their achievements. Teachers can manage their classes and students through the application.

The idea: Put bluntly: Education sucks currently - especially for children. We're given a textbook, list of words, etc. and asked to memorize them. Even when students study, the typical thing to do is to slum on the couch and stare at a textbook straight for 8 hours. Most of the time, students fall asleep out of boredom.

We noticed this and thought: What can we do do make education more engaging? The answer? Gamifying it.

Everyone loves games. We took a look at current problems in educational games and discovered the reason why it hasn't been successful are: -Teachers have no use for them because they rarely contain material they want to teach in class -Current educational games have no 'engagement' factor. Usually they just list out questions and you answer a question to the computer's liking. -Not sleek enough (lacking good UI/UX)

Want to know why our product is needed? We've done extensive research and answer below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/155L0aYs7ffS8d0tipCRIgqLaAnb6zqiDPyL1buOIHlA

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