With the ever-increasing workload and in decreasing mental health of the population. Understand and grasping new topics/education content has become a difficult task.

During such times of mental pressure, it is common to succumb to the pressure and being unable to learn new educational content and eventually making our learning suffer.

We aim to create a personal assistant which can help you understand even the most difficult task make it understand in a human-readable form.

What it does

Edufy.AI provides a consolidated suite of deep-learning powered Natural language processing tools that helps democratize and understand complex articles and texts.

It does mainly 3 things :

Intelligent Document Understanding : Upload any Document having Legal Texts/Insurance Activities/Research Papers. Google Cloud Document API extracts text and tables from document GPT-3 enables users in natural language and get responses Edufy.AI Chrome Extension.

Legal documents, Insurance documents, High-level Study texts, research papers, developer documentation are often highly convoluted and full of uncommon difficult to understand, domain-specific vocabulary. Sometimes, people can't understand the context of the information provided. We help Edufy this for you, enabling people without the domain knowledge or exposure to understand the context, causes, and make informed decisions and to help them avoid scams or time wasted to look for relevant context online!

Custom Responses Edufy.AI helps in generating custom responses to particular documents. How I built it Core Tech Algorithms : GPT-3 API provided by OpenAI TF-IDF Text Summarization (also BERT and PageRank) OCR through GCP Document AI Used GPT-3 on the backend. Used Several GCP Tools like GCP App Engine & Firebase for our Front End application. Used GCP Document AI for parsing through documents Used GCP Cloud Build, Docker, cloud run and cloud build for Backend deployment

Challenges I ran into

GPT-3 Token Limit Chrome Extension App Deployment on Google Cloud Platform

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the entire project and successfully deploying the application backend on Docker and GCP App Engine

What I learned

About Difficult Research Papers, Legal Document, Insurance claims documents. About OpenAI GPT-3 API Using GCP technologies like cloud run and cloud build.

What's next for Edufy.AI

Making this a production-grade global application for anyone to be able to use this for their use case and making easy access to everyone for our web application and chrome extension.

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