Students often have trouble managing time and consequently miss class time. Occasionally this results in poor performance. Our application not only tries to prevent tardiness but also provide solutions to it and its repercussions. EduFlow is designed to help the user become an efficient student that utilizes all the resources available on campus. Key features including suggesting alternative routes to class during peak traffic, suggesting to go to office our when the student is not reaching their goals, and being able to load study material to the smart device. Our most unique feature utilizes the watches’ heart rate monitor during study mode where it will recommend the student to take a break by eating food, taking a short nap, or taking a walk when it detect a significant drop in heart rate from resting heart rate.

  1. Study Flow - Student study data
  2. Grade Flow - Student grade data with goal-based office hours suggestions
  3. Card Flow - Student specific class based study cards
  4. Student Flow - On-demand student walking traffic data
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