In Germany you do not find any easy financial information about stocks, bonds, funds, derivatives… The world of financial products and investments is made too complex for many people, excluding them from the financial world. But everybody’s financial future is important!

That’s why we created edufiy - Educating Financial Travelers

Our vision is: “Education connects!”. We want to raise awareness and educate people for financial topics in a simple and interactive way, motivating them to start their own financial journey now.

The e-learning tool is organized as an interactive financial journey. It can be integrated into every online bank and every device (web/mobile app). edufiy will not only allow customers to build a solid financial basis but at the same time it collects all necessary documentation needed by the bank to develop a personal financial strategy. The final goal is that everybody can access edufiy for free, everytime, and everywhere (offline/online).

With edufiy we intend to...

  • make finance interesting and alive, promoting financial literacy.
  • open up a new customer segment for banks.
  • help young people build a financial basis for their future, e.g. starting personal pension plans, saving for future acquisitions, or building a financial buffer.

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Built With

  • angular-wizard
  • bootstrap
  • html5-boilerplate:-normalize.css
  • jquerysidr
  • lodash-angular.js
  • modernizrquery
  • offline
  • responsive-webdesign
  • rich-internet-application
  • single-page-app
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