The whole hassle that is created because of presence of so many different apps to do very simple, yet different tasks instead of a single platform to provide it all.

What it does

Edudite in itself is a unified platform to fulfill all the needs of students and teachers under a single application eliminating all the hassle and confusion created otherwise. Functionalities it has:

  1. Quotes on app startup to keep the user motivated.
  2. Group chat according to the college>stream>section you are in.
  3. Personal TODO list according to the google account used to sign in.
  4. Resource sharing (images from both gallery and camera) according to the college>stream>section you are in.
  5. Attendance taking system (for teachers) according to the college>stream>section you are in.
  6. Reminder setting with notification pop-ups when the time comes.
  7. Time table according to the college>stream>section you are in with notification poping up before 5 mins the class begins.
  8. Invitation sending using Firebase cloud messaging.
  9. Mix use of FIrebase database and local SQLite database.

How I built it

We both used android studio as our IDE. The app started as a basic chatting app but we kept on increasing and perfecting as many features as we could.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we ran into includes understanding and manipulating the NoSql database and storage of firebase the most. The time was too less and we had to put our day and night to complete everything. The large size of coding and difficulty in debugging with the time limit were very challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I and my friend Mayank Kharbanda were able to achieve a lot of functionality in a very small period of time. We enjoyed and learned a lot during making of this app and most of all, attended our first hackathon. Cheers Code-N-Counter! :D

What I learned

We learned

  1. In and outs of hackathons
  2. Team collaboration in projects
  3. FIrebase
  4. SQLite database manipulation
  5. GIT
  6. How good Nagarro office is! :D

What's next for Edudite

Edudite has a huge scope ahead and we will keep working on it to add many more features like 1.Incorporating Internship application

  1. Displaying and notifying when result is declared
  2. Fetching News by calling APIs
  3. Personal chat with friends
  4. Some small refreshing games
  5. Avail common e-books in the database
  6. Recommending study material
  7. Share any type of media and many many more.
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