After the coronavirus pandemic struck the world, many students lost access to go to libraries, and universities where they will get their information. We wanted to make sure everyone had the resources at their fingertips. While search engines such as Google and Bing provide these results within seconds, they are often unreliable and provide fake information. In spite of all this, we wanted to create a place where students can ask questions they may have, and have other people that are more knowledgeable in those specific areas answer those questions.

What it does

EduDiscover is a website responsible for providing students looking for information which cannot be found that easily. EduDiscover will provide valid information and while it is being updated everyday, the customer will receive the greatest service possible.

How we built it

We built the following project using HTML/CSS/JS, and Python. By using the skillsets of each of our team members, we were able to build a service that tailors to the students needs to allow their education to prosper!

Challenges we ran into

One particular challenge we ran into was none of our images appearing. We soon realized that we had made a small error, and all the images were being resized and relocated to different parts of the screen, which we immediately fixed and now everything appears in their corresponding locations!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing the community with valid information and helping people expand their knowledge. We’re proud of creating a service such as the following. I loved being in this hackathon, especially with the decode challenge that was posted on Sunday! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

What we learned

We learned about the importance of online educational tools and how they can impact a student’s life. Additionally, we were able to strengthen the knowledge we had in HTML/CSS/JS to help develop this wonderful looking website! By sticking to the theme color of shades of purple, we wanted to spread a message of empowerment amongst everyone. The color purple is one that we believe resonated with the ideas of compassion, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself, and much more.

What's next for EduDiscover

With our service being compatible on desktops/pc/laptops and mobile devices, we want to attract many investors to sponsor our project in order to add more features, and hire professional mentors that can work for our company in order to answer the questions that will arrive. We also look forward to making this idea a non-profit company as this will allow many people to align with our mission statement, which is to make our website and service accessible to everyone at no cost, while still being high-quality education. Additionally, we hope to make sure our users will be able to type in their own questions, as currently that option is unavailable. This prototype is an idea we have personally not seen, and we look forward to developing this service into something that will be accessible completely to the public.

Created by: Aditya Kirubakaran, and Keshav Majithia

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