What it does

Educrypt is a hybrid learning platform, which uses web and discord to deliver a hands-on learning experience. It also uses the power of discord bots, to create a platform for paper crypto trading and NFT trading, so that users can practice their skills, and see for themselves how these things work. The courses are packed with free and open-sourced learning material and interactive quizzes to make sure you don’t forget what you learn!

The material is handpicked from all the free resources available on the internet and quizzes are made for the same.

How we built it

We used discord.py for the discord bots and flask for the website. The database used is MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

There were a lot of challenges but the hardest part was establishing communication among the bots and the website using MongoDB.

Moving Forward

Implementing further features for the bots and working on a better UX/UI for the website would be the next course of action. Though it should be noted, We also created two other bots which we were unable to show in the video. A QNA bot and an NFT trading bot in which users could trade between a server their own NFTS.

Built With

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