The spread of the Covid91 virus, as well as other problems, has made people around the world start thinking about changing jobs, usually to IT, because this difficult situation has accelerated the processes of digitalization of many levels of society and business. However, there is a problem with that people, they do not know in which direction to go when entering IT sector because as a separate industry it is quite broad with many different occupations such as programming, marketing, graphic design, networking, management, cloud, and other subfields. Due to this problem, I designed this project, which will be launched through an online education platform, which was created in the "Covid19 Age" (March-April) to help educational institutions and everyone else to organize live education by monitoring the presence and other opportunities offered by the Educator platform.

What it does

The project "Welcome to IT with Educor" is organized in such a way that it will contain short basic courses lasting 6 hours each from 5 areas that will be covered by all interested parties, especially young people, the unemployed, and students. The five areas are Programming, Marketing, Design, Networking & Cloud, and IT Management (Design Thinking). Through these five areas, they will get acquainted with different segments and ways of working, after which they will have an online quiz that will include both the acquired knowledge and their personal characteristics, after which they will get a result in which direction they should continue to build. After this, 5 webinars will be organized from five areas from which the participants acquired knowledge, and eminent experts will participate in the webinars who will talk about how to start a career in the given areas, which are the best learning tools, best courses, how to get an internship and employment. Also with this, we will make a user pool where we will make a Slack Workspace for this project where people from different countries can talk, share knowledge and etc with any timelimit.

Scope is: 5 basic IT courses (about 6 hours per course), quiz for participants and 5 webinars

How I built it

I built it on AWS cloud what you can test on the demo link. So people will fill a simple form, where they will get access to all 5 courses what they will watch, after that, we will provide them a link what will be based on WordPress what will be a quiz for them and then they will get an email with results and information about 5 webinars. And Slack is tool for communication between users from all 6 Western Balkan countries.

Challenges I ran into

Challenge is the language because we want to provide this to everyone in Balkan (all 6 Western Balkans countries), so we will try to find partners who will translate each language and also on English.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I want to make a united project where people will join it because everyone wants a better future, so I think all of us should be oriented to technology, especially youth people. Also, I want to make this project like a dot where people from our countries came to talk about their experience, knowledge, to share with other their project and etc.


Link: User: branko Password: 12345678

For what prize will be used?

The prize will be used to develop the whole solution and do integration of Educor platform inside the WordPress website for users, to record courses with post-production, organize teachers, speaker, also the prize will be used for marketing to promote that website via social networks where this project will have official pages and accounts.

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