A quality education is not just for the privileged. Although the numbers of low income households keeps increasing, the number of underprivileged high schoolers that attend schools keeps dropping lower and lower each year. This is because many students opt out of seeking higher education in favor of immediately joining the workforce, believing that going to college or high school won’t get them anywhere. We were both inspired by the quality of education in low income communities, as well as the state of classrooms during quarantine. We built Educology to target some of the main problems we researched.

What it does

Educology has a few main features - 1) Knowology, 2) Calendology, 3) Goalogy, 4) Breakology, and 5) Infology.

Knowology is designed for students in classroom environments that have a very high student to teacher ratio, where the number of students outnumbers the number of teachers in a classroom by a landslide. In this kind of environment, it’s easy for the students’ voice to go unheard and for them to not understand the material being taught. It is also targeted towards shy students who have trouble speaking up in general. Therefore, Knowology displays a button that makes a sound so that the teacher is notified efficiently that someone didn’t understand the concept, so it has to be reviewed again.

Goalogy: This feature is aimed towards those who feel unmotivated. It’s a platform for them to post their own dreams and keep track of them, even after exiting the feature. The average age of people who enter the workforce is steadily decreasing, especially in these kinds of poorer environments due to children dropping out of school to help the family in some sort of physical labor usually. However, Goalogy seeks to help students realise that there’s always a place for them and their dreams in the world.

Calendology helps students organize their tasks in an easy, readable way that is different from other online calendars. This way, they can easily reset their tasks per week and put however many tasks they want per day, all on one simple platform! They can also view their tasks for the day in a seamlessly integrated way to schedule all of their events, school related or extracurricular.

Breakology is a good feature for students to take a break and relieve stress. Whatever issues they are dealing with, they can put them aside to play a simple game and relax.

Infology displays the uses for all our features and how they are supposed to be used. The users always have access to this page if they are confused or need help.

How we built it

We built it using MIT App Inventor's revolutionary platform. We were able to complete so many features in such a short amount of time due to its complete and readable coding.

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of trouble with the database info, but we eventually figured it out with the help of youtube tutorials. We also had minor issues with UI/UX design for some of the screens but were able to explore more features of MIT App Inventor through this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud we were able to create an MVP of Educology in such a short amount of time, and we're really proud of the feature ideas we came up with. We're also proud of our logo :)

What I learned

We learned a lot about app development, and hope to translate this into other softwares like Swift and/or Android Studio.

What's next for Educology

We want to build upon our Goalogy feature, as it could be an extremely valuable feature if it was converted into a community goal space.

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