We are inspired by Snapchat, a famous social media app that youth is familiar with. They use it daily for sending pictures and maintain a streak. we copied the same idea but embedded learning in it.

What it does

It helps students focus on learning. They can test their learning in a friendly quiz match. If they do it daily for 30 days ( Maintain a streak ), They can win exciting prizes. They can also send a snap of questions to us and we will get back to them in 24 hours.

We have also embedded an A.I Recommendation Engine that will recommend them topics according to their performance in the quizzes.

How we built it

We worked on developing the logic first. Mamoon and Imran Worked on the design and the UI of the app. Sarkheel and Amara worked on the code and development of the application.

Challenges we ran into

Facebook-login-api doesn't run unless the application is live in the play store, we will push this application to the play store then the login API will work, until then, please use the google API to log in to the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building and testing this product sucesffuly after 2 sleepless nights

What we learned

You can achieve anything that you can put your mind to. Nothing is impossible or hard. This idea was stuck in my head for years and today we are able to complete it by just putting dedicated 48 hours into this

What's next for EduChat

Building a team. Addition of more MCQs for quizzes. Getting experts onboard to answer students' queries. Making this application viral and taking this to at least 15000 Students by the end of this year.

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