I was a freshman at my university. It was the first day of class. I went into the room and it was filled with people. None of who I were friends with. This is when I had the idea pop up in my head.

What it does

This application allows people to interact in a chat room setting. The people all go under different aliases and interact with each other. This application is intended to be used in the classroom setting. Facebook integration allows users to privately message each other to find study groups and study partners without the hassle of trying to meet new people.

How we built it

The chat room included frameworks such as and node,js. Next came Facebooks developer tools and passport to integrate the authentication and storage of users in a database. MongoDB was used to store all messages, classes, and users. We implemented materializecss for the front end development.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest challenge we ran into was how we would store our data. We first began using MySQL, then we switched over to MongoDB and used this to store all data that needs to be persistent across the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team worked hard to complete the chat system in under 36 hours. It is surprising to develop a professional looking application in that amount of time.

What we learned

Our team learned to interact and create a plan and wire frames before starting the actual architecture. We also learned how to use the frameworks listed above to help make this happen.

What's next for eduChat

Through clean elegant coding we have enabled eduChat to utilize dynamic scalability.

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